Cup Sampler
Cup Sampler Cup Sampler Cup Sampler

Cup Sampler

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Cup Sampler

The popular Cup Sampler is manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel, with its spring-loaded mechanism allowing discreet samples of liquid to be taken from known heights.

One squeeze of the handle allows liquid to enter the cup. The cup can be easily unscrewed from the sampler.

Sampler lengths of 600mm, 1000mm and 1500mm are available, with nominal cup volumes of 100ml and 500ml.

Type: Single Point

Material: 316 stainless steel

  Specifications sheet   Certificate
5030A-600 Cup Sampler 600mm - 100ml sample volume 5030 Cup Sampler Certificate of Conformity
5030A-1000 Cup Sampler 1000mm - 100ml sample volume    
5030A-1500 Cup Sampler 1500mm - 100ml sample volume    
5030J-1000 Cup Sampler 1000mm - 500ml sample volume    
5030J-1500 Cup Sampler 1500mm - 500ml sample volume    
Part No. Volume ml Length mm Diameter mm Material
5030A-600 100 600 55 316L ss
5030A-1000 100 1000 55 316L ss
5030A-1500 100 1500 55 316L ss
5030J-1000 500 1000 80 316L ss
5030J-1500 500 1500 80 316L ss
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