Ice Borer
Ice Borer Ice Borer

Ice Borer

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Robust, Efficient Ice Sampler

The Ice Borer is a robust, 316L Stainless Steel device used to cut into ice or wax and store a sample inside the tube.

Simply rotate the handle to allow the sharp cutting tip to penetrate the product, pushing the Discharge Rod (available separately) down the Ice Borer afterwards to retrieve the sample from inside.

Ice Borer lengths of 500mm and 1000mm are available from stock.

  • Suitable for ice, wax, frozen meat etc.
  • Available in different lengths
  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Fully welded
  Specifications sheet   Certificate
6005A-500 Ice Borer 500mm  6005 Ice Borer Certificate of Conformity
6005A-1000 Ice Borer 1000mm    

8570A-700 Ejection Rod 700mm

8570A-1100 Ejection Rod 1100mm    
Part No. Description Length mm Material
6005A-500 Ice Borer 316ss 500mm 500 316L ss
6005A-1000 Ice Borer 316ss 1000mm 1000 316L ss
8570A-700 Sample Ejection Rod 700mm 700 316L ss
8570A-1100 Sample Ejection Rod 1100mm 1100 316L ss
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