Liquid Master
Liquid Master Liquid Master Liquid Master

Liquid Master

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Liquid Sampler for low and medium viscosity liquids

The Sampling Systems Liquid Master is perfect for working with low and medium viscosity liquids. It is now available in new sizes, with a range of different diameters allowing for different sample volumes to be taken.

Designed with hygiene in mind, the Liquid Master can be stripped down quickly in order to clean after each use.

The different variants of this device are constructed from either 316L Stainless Steel, Food Grade PTFE or standard PP.

The Liquid Master allows for point sampling as well as cross-sectional sampling, both made possible simply by pressing the Push Button on the top of the sampler.

  • Ideal for sampling from tanks, silos, water courses and containers
  • Available in a range of lengths and materials
  • Available from stock for fast delivery worldwide
  • Transparent
  • Simple one handed operation
  • Simple one handed operation
  •   Specifications sheet   Certificate
    5035J-1000 Liquid Master (large diameter) 1000mm 5035J Liquid Master (large diameter) Certificate of Conformity
    5035J-1500 Liquid Master (large diameter) 1500mm 5035S Liquid Master SS Certificate of Conformity
    5035J-2000 Liquid Master (large diameter) 2000mm 5035T Liquid Master PTFE Certificate of Conformity
    5035S-600 Liquid Master - stainless steel - 600mm 5035P Liquid Master PP Certificate of Conformity
    5035S-1000 Liquid Master - stainless steel - 1000mm    
    5035S-1500 Liquid Master - stainless steel - 1500mm    
    5035T-600 Liquid Master - PTFE - 600mm    
    5035T-1000 Liquid Master - PTFE - 1000mm    
    5035T-2000 Liquid Master - PTFE - 2000mm    
    5035T-600 Liquid Master - PP - 600mm    
    5035T-1000 Liquid Master - PP - 1000mm    

    5035T-2000 Liquid Master - PP - 2000mm

    Part No. Length mm Diameter mm Volume ml Material
    5035J-1000 1000 35 500 PTFE & FEP
    5035J-1500 1500 35 1000 PTFE & FEP
    5035J-2000 2000 35 1500 PTFE & FEP
    5035S-600 600 25 150 316L ss
    5035S-1000 1000 25 270 316L ss
    5035S-1500 1500 25 420 316L ss
    5035T-600 600 25 150 PTFE & FEP
    5035T-1000 1000 25 270 PTFE & FEP
    5035T-2000 2000 25 420 PTFE & FEP
    5035P-600 600 25 150 PP
    5035P-1000 1000 25 270 PP
    5035P-2000 2000 25 420 PP
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