Multi Dipper 2
Multi Dipper 2

Multi Dipper 2

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Multilevel Liquid Sampler

The Multi Dipper 2 is a best-selling multilevel liquid sampler used by large companies across the globe.

It consists of three 250ml HDPE Sample Bottles placed into a 316L Stainless Steel Sampler Frame. 316L SS Plugs cover the Bottles, connected to a Control Chain. The operator opens and closes all three Bottles simultaneously with a pull of the Control Chain. This allows samples of liquid to be taken at three separate points of the product.

Sampler lengths of 1000mm, 1500mm and 2000mm are available, with special designs and sizes available upon request. Spare HDPE Bottles are also available separately within the range brochure.

  • Multilevel liquid sampler
  • Made from 316 stainless steel
  • Sample Bottles made from HDPE

  Specifications sheet   Certificate
5045A-1000 Multi DIpper - 1000mm long - specification sheet 5045A Multi-Dipper2 Certificate of Conformity
5045A-1500 Multi DIpper - 1500mm long - specification sheet    

5045A-2000 Multi DIpper - 2000mm long - specification sheet

Part No. Description Length mm Volume ml Material
5045A-1000 Multi Dipper 2 - 316ss - 1000mm 1000 3 x 250 316ss
5045A-1500 Multi Dipper 2 - 316ss - 1500mm 1500 3 x 250 316ss
5045A-2000 Multi Dipper 2 - 316ss - 2000mm 2000 3 x 250 316ss
8165A-250 Square Bottle 250ml - 250 HDPE
8165A-500 Square Bottle 500ml - 500 HDPE
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