PTFE Dipper
PTFE Dipper

PTFE Dipper

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Chemically Resistant Surface Sampler

Our GMP correct PTFE Dipper offers excellent chemical resistance and is now available in new sizes.

600mm extension rods screw-on to increase the length of the handle, with a choice of cup volumes including 100ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml.

  • Single point, surface sampler sampler
  • Made from PTFE (FDA acceptable)
  • Available in a range of different volumes
  • Use extension rods to increase the reach of the sampler

  Specifications sheet   Certificate
5100A-10 PTFE Dipper 10ml 5100_PTFE_Dipper_Certificate_of_Conformity
5100A-100 PTFE Dipper 100ml    
5100A-250 PTFE Dipper 250ml
5100A-500 PTFE Dipper 500ml    
5100A-1000 PTFE Dipper 1000ml    

5100E-600 PTFE Extension Rods 600mm

Part No. Description Volume ml Material
5100A-100 PTFE Dipper 100ml 100 PTFE
5100A-250 PTFE Dipper 250ml 250 PTFE
5100A-500 PTFE Dipper 500ml 500 PTFE
PTFE Extension Rod 600mm - PTFE
5100A-1000 PTFE Dipper 1000ml 1000 PTFE
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