Sampler Tips
Sampler Tips

Sampler Tips

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Replacement Tips for Stainless Steel Samplers

Compatible with our Stainless Steel samplers, we provide a range of additional tips in a selection of forms.

The Standard tip works well with most powders, while the Pointed tip is the best option for harder and more dense powders. Select a Rounded tip for applications when there may be a risk of damaging your equipment.

Each tip is made up of high quality 316L Stainless Steel, and is available in diameters of 25mm or 40mm.

  • Standard Tips are ideal for most situations
  • Long Pointed Tips are suitable for hard, dense products
  • Rounded Tips prevent damage to surrounding production equipment

Part No. Description Diameter mm Material
TIP-25A Standard Tip 25mm 25 316L ss
TIP-25P Pointed Tip 25mm 25 316L ss
TIP-25R Round Tip 25mm 25 316L ss
TIP-40A Standard Tip 40mm 40 316L ss
TIP-40P Pointed Tip 40mm 40 316L ss
TIP-40R Round Tip 40mm 40 316L ss
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