Slot Sampler With Bottle Adapter
Slot Sampler With Bottle Adapter Slot Sampler With Bottle Adapter

Slot Sampler With Bottle Adapter

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Fast Cross Sectional Sampling

The Multilevel Slot Sampler is available with a fixed bottle holder to allow the sample to be extracted and placed directly into a bottle, saving time and preventing potential spillage and waste.

This device is compatible with either a 250ml or 500ml bottle. The length of the Slot Sampler ranges from between 600mm to 1500mm, each offering a different number of into which the samples enter.
  • Made from high quality 316 stainless steel
  • Bright polish finish.
  • Wide range of sampler lengths (600mm to 15000mm)
  • Simple to use
  Specifications sheet   Certificate
1210B-600 Slot Sampler - with bottle adapter - 600mm 1210B_Slot Sampler 316ss - Certificate of Conformity
1210B-1000 Slot Sampler - with bottle adapter - 1000mm    
1210B-1500 Slot Sampler - with bottle adapter - 1500mm    
1. Insert the sampler into the product
2. Turn the handle to open the slot - the product can now be collected in the central tube
3. Turn the handle to close the slot
4. Remove the sampler
5. Invert the sampler to discharge the sample
Part No. Description Diameter mm Volume ml Material
1210B-600 Slot Sampler 600mm 25 110 316L ss
1210B-1000 Slot Sampler 1000mm 25 190 316L ss
1210B-1500 Slot Sampler 1500mm 25 300 316L ss
8165A-250 Square Bottle 250ml - 250 HDPE
8165A-500 Square Bottle 500ml - 500 HDPE
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