SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula
SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula

SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula

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Easy to Use Cupped Spatula made in a cleanroom

Sterile sampling and dispensing quantities of powders has never been easier thanks to the disposable cupped Powder Spatula.
It is tough and comfortable to use with its specially designed rounded handle and its robust cupped U-shaped blade. Available in 2 lengths from stock to allow both surface and deeper powder sampling if required. It has a sharp blade so it is easy to push into the powder and can also be used to go through the side of some sacks

The Powder Spatula is manufactured and packed in a controlled atmosphere (class 100,00 cleanroom) and so can be used straight from the bag.

  • Available from stock in large quantities for immediate delivery in both sterile (SAL 10-6) and non sterile versions.
  • Special coloured versions are available from stock. These mean the spatulas can be easily seen if left in the powder by mistake.
  • Made from shatterproof high impact polystyrene (FDA and EU 10/2011 acceptable grade) and strong blue PP.
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 5 year shelf life

Part No. Length mm Blade Length mm Colour Sterile
8284A-150 230 150 White No
8284A-150S 230 150 White Yes
8284A-250 330 250 White No
8284A-250S 330 250 White Yes
8284B-150 230 150 Blue No
8284B-150S 230 150 Blue Yes
8284B-250 330 250 Blue No
8284B-250S 330 250 Blue Yes
8284R-150 230 150 Red No
8284R-150S 230 150 Red Yes
8284R-250 330 250 Red No
8284R-250S 330 250 Red Yes
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