SteriWare LiquiThief
SteriWare LiquiThief SteriWare LiquiThief SteriWare LiquiThief

SteriWare LiquiThief

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The world's No 1 disposable liquid sampler

Single Use Liquid Sampler

When introduced by Sampling Systems, the SteriWare LiquiThief revolutionised liquid sampling, and has since gone on to become a best-selling device in our range.

The SteriWare LiquiThief is compatible for use with low viscosity liquids such as water. It is made from FDA conforming materials, having been assembled and packed in a cleanroom. A sterilised variant is also available, with full batch traceability offered as standard.

Operation works around a simple pull of the handle, allowing you to take a sample quickly. Three different sizes enable sample volumes of 100ml, 190ml or 300ml to be taken at one time.

The LiquiThieves are individually bagged and sold in boxes of 20.

  • Ideal for sampling low viscosity liquids and oils
  • Fully welded construction (no adhesives or screws are used)
  • Assembled & packed in a class 100,000 clean room
  • Each sampler is individually wrapped
  • Made from FDA and EU conforming HDPE. All parts are food grade compliant.
  • BSE/TSE free
  • Suitable for use in ATEX zones 0, 1 and 2 (500mm and 1000mm samplers only)
Our unique sealing system

We use a special FDA grade silicone seal. This gives superior sampling action. It also prevents the sampler from dripping between use. its smooth operation is the best in its class.
  Specifications sheet   Certificate
8050H-500 LiquiThief 500mm - HDPE - non sterile 8050H HDPE Disposable LiquiThief Certificate of Conformity
8050H-500S LiquiThief 500mm - HDPE - sterile 8050P PP Disposable LiquiThief Certificate of Conformity
8050H-1000 LiquiThief 1000mm - HDPE - non sterile    
8050H-1000S LiquiThief 1000mm - HDPE - sterile    
8050H-1500 LiquiThief 1500mm - HDPE - non sterile    
8050H-1500S LiquiThief 1500mm - HDPE - sterile    
8050P-500 LiquiThief 500mm - PP - non sterile    
8050P-1000 LiquiThief 1000mm - PP - non sterile    
Part No. Length mm Volume ml Sterile
8050H-500 500 100 No
8050H-500S 500 100 Yes
8050H-1000 1000 190 No
8050H-1000S 1000 190 Yes
8050H-1500 1500 300 No
8050H-1500S 1500 300 Yes
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