SteriWare Sample Spoons
SteriWare Sample Spoons SteriWare Sample Spoons SteriWare Sample Spoons

SteriWare Sample Spoons

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Sterile Sample Spoons

Ideal for Dispensing and sampling small quantities
Our SteriWare Sample Spoons continue to sell in large numbers around the world. They are the perfect choice when handling and sampling small quantities of powder, and come in a range of sizes and colours.

These low-cost spoons are handled in a cleanroom along every step of the manufacturing process, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene. A sterile option is also available.

Constructed from FDA approved polystyrene, they come in boxes of 100.
  • Large stocks for fast delivery worldwide
  • Both non sterile and sterile spoons are individually bagged
  • Moulded & packed in a class 100,000 clean room
  • Each spoon is individually wrapped
  • Made from FDA & EU 10/2011 acceptable polymers
  • BSE/TSE free
  • Suitable for use in ATEX zones 0, 1 and 2
  Specifications sheet   Certificate
8088A-03 Disposable Spoon 3ml - non sterile - white 8088A Disposable Spoons - White - Certificate of Conformity
8088A-03S Disposable Spoon 3ml - sterile - white    
8088A-10 Disposable Spoon 10ml - non sterile - white    
8088A-10S Disposable Spoon 10ml - sterile - white    
Part No. Volume ml Material Sterile Colour
8088A-03 3 PS No White
8088A-03S 3 PS Yes White
8088A-10 10 PS No White
8088A-10S 10 PS Yes White
8088B-10 10 PP No Blue
8088B-10S 10 PP Yes Blue
8088R-10S 10 PS Yes Red
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