UD Doser
UD Doser

UD Doser

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Accurate Unit Dose Liquid Sampler

The Sampling Systems U-D Doser is perfect for accurately sampling small volumes of liquids. It has been specially designed for use in the pharmaceutical industry, and works with liquids of low to medium viscosity.

With a 316L Stainless Steel body and PP and PE Syringe, the U-D Doser is available in either 5ml, 30ml or 60ml variations, each offering a choice of length; 600mm, 1200mm or 1800mm. This allows you to choose the perfect U-D Doser for your requirements.

The Sample Chamber is designed in a way that protects the Syringe during sampling, allowing the Syringe to double up as a carrying container for transporting the sample in the laboratory.

  • Single point, unit dose liquid sampler
  • Made from 316 stainless steel
  • Available in a range of different lengths
  • Graduated handle to allow accurate sampling

When ordering syringes make sure that you order the correct size for your UD Doser.

  • Use 5010S-05 for 5ml UD Doser Type 5010A
  • Use 5010S-30 for 30ml UD Doser Type 5010B
  • Use 5010S-60 for 60ml UD Doser Type 5010C
  Specifications sheet   Certificate
5010A-600 UD Doser 5ml x 600mm - specification sheet 5010 UD Doser Certificate of Conformity
5010A-1200 UD Doser 5ml x 1200mm - specification sheet (coming soon)    
5010A-1800 UD Doser 5ml x 1800mm - specification sheet (coming soon)    
5010S-05 Syringe 5ml - specification sheet    
5010B-600 UD Doser 30ml x 600mm - specification sheet    
5010B-1200 UD Doser 30ml x 1200mm - specification sheet (coming soon)    
5010B-1800 UD Doser 30ml x 1800mm - specification sheet (coming soon)    
5010S-30 Syringe 30ml - specification sheet (coming soon)    
5010C-600 UD Doser 50ml x 600mm - specification sheet (coming soon)    
5010C-1200 UD Doser 50ml x 1200mm - specification sheet (coming soon)    
5010C-1800 UD Doser 50ml x 1800mm - specification sheet (coming soon)    
5010S-60 Syringe 60ml - specification sheet    
Part No. Description Length mm Volume ml Material
5010A-600 UD Doser 5ml 600 up to 5ml 316ss
5010A-1200 UD Doser 5ml 1200 up to 5ml 316ss
5010A-1800 UD Doser 5ml 1800 up to 5ml 316ss
5010B-600 UD Doser 30ml 600 up to 30ml 316ss
5010B-1200 UD Doser 30ml 1200 up to 30ml 316ss
5010B-1800 UD Doser 30ml 1800 up to 30ml 316ss
5010C-600 UD Doser 60ml 600 up to 60ml 316ss
5010C-1200 UD Doser 60ml 1200 up to 60ml 316ss
5010C-1800 UD Doser 60ml 1800 up to 60ml 316ss
5010S-05 Syringe 5ml - 5 -
5010S-30 Syringe 30ml - 30 -
5010S-60 Syringe 60ml - 60 -
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