Viscous Sampler
Viscous Sampler Viscous Sampler Viscous Sampler

Viscous Sampler

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ReUsable Sampler For Creams, Pastes and Gels

The Viscous Sampler is perfect when working with creams, pastes, gels and other semi viscous materials.

It is easy to dismantle after use, allowing for a thorough clean before reuse at a later time.

This device is available in a range of different materials including 316L Stainless Steel, PP and PTFE, with a selection of different lengths and volumes to suit your purpose.
  • Manufactured in a range of materials including 316L stainless steel, PTFE and PP
  • Available in different lengths
  • Easy to clean
  • Available from stock for fast delivery worldwide
  Specifications sheet   Certificate
7000S-600 Viscous Sampler - SS - 600mm 7000S Viscous Sampler SS Certificate of Conformity
7000S-1000 Viscous Sampler - SS - 1000mm 7000S Viscous Sampler PP Certificate of Conformity
7000S-1500 Viscous Sampler - SS - 1500mm 7000T Viscous Sampler PTFE Certificate of Conformity
7000P-600 Viscous Sampler - PP - 600mm    
7000P-1000 Viscous Sampler - PP - 1000mm    
7000P-2000 Viscous Sampler - PP - 2000mm    
7000T-600 Viscous Sampler - PTFE - 600mm    
7000T-1000 Viscous Sampler - PTFE - 1000mm    
7000T-2000 Viscous Sampler - PTFE - 2000mm    
Part No. Length mm Diameter mm Volume ml Material
7000S-600 600 25 160 316L ss
7000S-1000 1000 25 300 316L ss
7000S-1500 1500 25 450 316L ss
7000P-600 600 25 160 PP
7000P-1000 1000 25 300 PP
7000P-2000 2000 25 650 PP
7000T-600 600 25 160 PTFE
7000T-1000 1000 25 300 PTFE
7000T-2000 2000 25 650 PTFE
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