Lab & Production Ware

Stainless Steel Core Sampler ..
PP Tubs
12ml to 1000ml Powder Containers ..
PTFE Bottles
1ml to 2000ml PTFE Bottles ..
15ml to 2200ml PTFE Containers ..
PTFE Scoops
A Scoop with excellent Chemical Resistance Our GMP correct PTFE Scoops are available in two sizes, f..
Scorpion PharmaScoop
High Quality Stainless Steel Scoop The Scorpion PharmaScoop features a heavy duty, 316L Stainless St..
Scorpion Scoop Eco
Low Cost General Purpose Scoop The Scorpion Scoop Eco is an affordable option suitable for general, ..
Sealing Sleeve Set
Sealing Sleeves This Sealing Sleeve Set is suitable for use with 1220A and 1220B Pocket Samplers, wi..
Silicone Seal (1 to 15L)
Silicone Lid Seals ..
Silicone Seal (20 to 100L)
Silicone Lid Seals ..
Square Bottle HDPE
250ml and 500ml Sample Bottles Our HDPE Bottles come in sizes of 250ml and 50ml, and are ideal for g..
Stainless Screw Top Bottle
500ml and 1000ml Stainless Bottles with a Threaded Lid These brand new, high quality 316L Stainless..
SteriWare Funnel
SteriWare Funnel The SteriWare Liquid Funnel offers a seamless transfer of liquid between containers..
SteriWare Jugs
SteriWare Jugs Sampling's SteriWare Jugs are designed with stability in mind. They feature a wide ba..
SteriWare Knife
Hygienic Knife, made in a cleanroom The SteriWare Knife is ideal for general laboratory use, includ..
SteriWare Micro-Spatula
Ideal for handling Small Amounts of Powders & Granules Our SteriWare Micro-Spatulas are the perfect..
SteriWare Mixing Bowl
Large Volume Disposable Bowl This 3 litre Mixing Bowl should be a fixture of any laboratory, and is ..
SteriWare Mixing Bowl
Disposable Bowl Our SteriWare Bowls provide a suitable place for mixing powders and liquids, and is..
SteriWare Pallet Knife
SteriWare Pallet Knife The SteriWare Pallet Knife is made from FDA conforming HDPE. Each disposable..
SteriWare Pharma Scoop HDPE
Sterile Scoops Made From HDPE Our HDPE SteriWare PharmaScoops offer extra chemica..
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