Stainless Ware

Long Handled PharmaScoop
High Quality Scoop with an extra long handle The Long Handled PharmaScoop is specially designed so t..
Long Handled Stainless Spoons
Long Handled 316 Stainless Steel Spoons ..
Medicine Cup
Medicine Cup Our Medicine Cups are designed for holding small volumes of tablets, powders or granu..
Open PharmaScoops
High Quality, 316 stainless steel Scoops Our range of high quality Open PharmaScoops continues to be..
Pointed Scissors
High Quality Pointed Scissors ..
Rounded Scissors
High Quality Rounded Scissors ..
Stainless Spoons
High Quality Stainless Steel Spoons ..
Stainless Steel Scraper
Pharmaceutical Grade Scrapers ..
Stainless Storage Drums - 316L stainless steel
Stainless Steel Containers Up to 200 Litrel ..
Swing Tub
300ml Stainless Steel Tub The Enviro Dipper consists of a 300ml Stainless Steel Bucket, which can..
High Quality Stainless Steel Tweezers ..
Liquid Funnel 304ss
Stainless Steel Liquid Funnel ..
Powder Funnel 316ss
Powder handling made easy ..
Square PharmaScoops
Stainless steel scoop with a wide flat body Another variation in our extensive PharmaScoop range, th..
Tablet Counting Triangle
Quickly and Easily Count Round Tablets ..
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