Lab Ware

Tablet Counting Triangle
Quickly and Easily Count Round Tablets ..
60ml to 10.5 Litre Sterile Bags A staple of the Sampling range, our selection of sterile PureBags ..
PureBag - Stand UP
400ml and 600ml Free Standing Sterile Sample Bags Our Stand Up PureBags feature all of the benefit..
Liquid Funnel PP
Re-USble Plastic Liquid Funnel ..
Pasteur Pipette
Single-use Plastic Pipettes ..
PTFE Funnel
High Quality Liquid Funnel ..
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl ..
Deep Tray
Deep Sided Stainless Steel Trays ..
General Purpose Tray
High Sided Stainless Steel Trays ..
Instrument Tray
Low Profile Stainless Steel Trays ..
Pots with Lids
Multi -purpose stainless steel containers ..
Shallow Tray
Shallow Sided Stainless Steel Trays ..
Sieving Tool
Helps to push Powders through a mesh screen ..
Volumetric Spoons 304ss
Accurately measure small quantities ..
Funnel with Strainer
Stainless funnel with a built-in strainer ..
SteriWare Funnel
SteriWare Funnel The SteriWare Liquid Funnel offers a seamless transfer of liquid between containers..
SteriWare Jugs
SteriWare Jugs Sampling's SteriWare Jugs are designed with stability in mind. They feature a wide ba..
SteriWare Pallet Knife
SteriWare Pallet Knife The SteriWare Pallet Knife is made from FDA conforming HDPE. Each disposable..
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