Sealing Sleeve Set
Sealing Sleeves This Sealing Sleeve Set is suitable for use with 1220A and 1220B Pocket Samplers, wi..
SteriWare Knife
Hygienic Knife, made in a cleanroom The SteriWare Knife is ideal for general laboratory use, includ..
SteriWare Mixing Bowl
Large Volume Disposable Bowl This 3 litre Mixing Bowl should be a fixture of any laboratory, and is ..
SteriWare Mixing Bowl
Disposable Bowl Our SteriWare Bowls provide a suitable place for mixing powders and liquids, and is..
SteriWare Tray
SteriWare Tray Our range of high quality Disposable Trays continues to prove popular in hospitals a..
Accurate, Electronic Thermometer Robust and accurate, the Sampling Thermometer with Stainless prob..
Titrating Burette
Accurate Dosing of Laboratory Reagents Dosing small amounts of liquids is easy with the Automatic ..
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