About Us

About Samplers Direct

We have a dedicated team that have a huge amount of experience gained in supplying Sampling equipment and similar items all over the world during the last 25 years. Our core customer areas are pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Through our unrivalled network of manufacturers and in house production we provide a fast expanding range of quality control and laboratory products that meet the high standards required of the industry.

Quality Every Time

With our unrivalled knowledge of the industry we produce to the latest standards including GMP guidelines. Most polymers used are FDA, EC and food grade acceptable. Our range of single use Samplers and lab ware are

produced in a cleanroom to our rigorous standards.

Stainless steel items are unbeaten on the market and can also be customised to suit.

Our links with the major couriers mean we can send parcels and have them delivered to most parts of the world within 2 -3 days.

Continual Development

With over 1 million items in stock we try to meet your needs accurately and consistently - either by drawing on our range of stock products or by engineering to your specification.

Local support

With over 100 distributors around the world we will be able to put someone local in touch with you. If not we can deal direct.

Practical and Friendly Advice

Our friendly and knowledgeable team are waiting to help you weekdays 8.00am to 5.30pm. We will be able to give you full support and often send free of charge samples for you to test.

Call us on +44 (0)1675 466992 or send us an e mail.

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