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extensive range of dispensingware, bailer, pharmascoop, stainless steel, labware, labels, sample blender

Samplers Direct offer a comprehensive range of sampling accessories and dispensing ware, including:
Sample Blenders
Induction Cap & Bag Sealers
Funnels & Jugs
Paddles, Ladles & Bailers
Polypropylene Bottles
Aluminium Bottles
Sieves & Sieve Shakers
Storage Containers
Pallet Knives
Ultra-Adhesive Labels
Special Custom Labels
Label Dispenser
High Quality PharmaScoops
Square type PharmaScoops
Economy Scoop Range
High Impact Sampler Cases
Cleaning Brushes
304 or 306 ss Trays

Sample Blenders
sample blendersSample blenders are ideal for blending composite samples prior to analysis. The blenders are small, GMP correct, rugged and simple to use and will allow samples to be prepared under standard repeatable conditions. Contact Samplers Direct for details.

Induction Bag Sealers
induction cap and bag sealers The Impulse Bag Sealer is a quick, easy and clean way to seal lay flat tubing; ensuring cleaned samplers remain clean until required and ensuring the integrity of your samples without contamination or adulteration. Contact Samplers Direct for details.

stainless steel high duty pharmascoopThese heavy duty, crevice free PharmaScoops are constructed in 316L stainless steel with all corners radiused for easy cleaning and a satin finish. PharmaScoops are ideal for dispensing powders and granules. These high quality powder scoops are available in nominal capacities from 10ml to 2500ml. Contact Samplers Direct for details.

Square PharmaScoops
stainless steel high duty pharmascoopOur Square PharmaScoops feature heavy duty 316L stainless steel construction with a flat bottom and crevice free, satin finish. Contact Samplers Direct for details.

Paddles, Ladles & Bailers

paddles, ladles and bailersOur high quality Paddles and Bailers are constructed, crevice free, in 316 stainless steel, and are available in capacity 1 to 4 litre for the bailers and 1000mm to 1500mm length Paddles.

Our Ladles are constructed from 304 & 316L stainless steel, they are crevice free with a satin finish. Ladles are available in sizes from 50ml to 200ml volume. Contact Samplers Direct for details.

HDPE Bottles
High quality HDPE bottlesWe stock a range of high quality HDPE bottles. These bottles are manufactured in a cleanroom and are made from polymers that are USP Class VI compliant.

Aluminium Bottles
aluminium sample bottlesOur Aluminium bottles are made with an Aluminium body and Polypropylene screw-on cap with an internal Aluminium seal. There are bulk buy discounts on 5 or more boxes, each box containing 100 bottles. Contact Samplers Direct for details.

Sieves & Sieve Shakers
sampling sievesOctagon Digital Sieve Shaker is a high performance test sieve shaker offering excellent operator control for maximum efficiency. It features an efficient, reproducible sieving action, is compact and has a quick release clamping system. Also features a digital timer, vibration amplitude control and is CE marked. Also available are a variety of high quality Test Sieves with a stainless steel construction, in a range of aperture sizes. Contact Samplers Direct for details.
Photograph © Octagon

Storage Containers
stainless steel storage containersOur multi-purpose containers come in either 304 or 316 stainless steel, from 20 litres to 500 litres volume. They feature two sturdy handles, and come complete with close-fitting lid, again with handle. They are flat-bottomed with chime ring to give added protection. As optional extras, they can be fitted with Toggle Clamps and 'O' ring seals. Contact Samplers Direct for details.

stainless steel mini-drumsOur multi-purpose Mini-Drums come in either 304 or 316 stainless steel from 1 litre to 15 litres volume. Complete with lid and swinging carrying handle. As optional extras, Mini-Drums can be fitted with Toggle Clamps, Silicone Seals, Viton Seals or Nitrile Seal. Contact Samplers Direct for details.

stainless steel mini potsOur multi-purpose small containers are constructed from 316 stainless steel with a crevice free interior with watertight screw-on lid as standard. Available in 50ml to 100ml volume. Contact Samplers Direct for details.

Pallet Knives & Scrapers
scrapers and pallet knivesOur Pallet Knives & Scrapers are all constructed crevice-free and are available in a variety of lengths and widths. Contact Samplers Direct for details.

Ultra-Adhesive Labels & Custom Labels
ultra adhesive sample labelsOur UA (Ultra-Adhesive) Labels have a paper front and a special aluminised backing with an exceptionally strong adhesive. Ideal for sealing holes in bags and sacks after sampling, our UA labels come in a wide range of colours. They are available in two sizes, 95mm x 95mm or 150mm x 150mm. Labels come in rolls of 500 for 95mm x 95mm or 250 for 150mm x 150mm.
Samplers Direct can provide Custom Design Labels to your own specification or artwork. Contact us for more details.

sample label dispenserHigh quality medium strength paper labels with an FDA acceptable adhesive. PharmaLabels are available in a range of colours. The standard label size is 95x95mm and there are 500 labels per roll. Special custom sizes and designs are available on request, contact Samplers Direct for details.

Economy Scoops Range
economy range scoopsWe stock a range of 304 stainless steel, light duty construction scoops, available from 0.12 litres nominal capacity to 2 litres. Please note, Economy Scoops are not crevice free and are not suitable for GMP applications. For a GMP correct scoop solution, please see PharmaScoops. Contact Samplers Direct for details.

Funnels & Jugs
funnels & jugsWe stock a wide range of Funnels, in 304 stainless steel with crevice free construction and fluted spout to aid product flow.

We also stock a variety of Narrow-Top Jugs from 600ml capacity to 5000ml, from 304 or 316 stainless steel with handle and optional graduation marks.

High Impact Sampler Cases
high impact sampler casesOur Sampler Cases are ideal for the safe storage and transportation of samplers. They are supplied with foam interiors to protect the samplers. They come in two types: Superior and Standard. The Superior Sampler Case features a lock with 2 keys supplied, high impact resistant outer and a custom foam interior cutting service. (Ask for details).

The Standard Sampler Case features rugged plastic construction and four sliding clasps to keep the case shut.

Cleaning Brushes
cleaning brushes for samplersOur comprehensive range of cleaning brushes ensure your sampler is always properly cleaned. We can supply brushes for cleaning both stainless steel and plastic samplers. Please check the appropriate length and diameter for your sampler with us. As standard, they feature hygienic Nylon bristles and a stainless steel handle.

304 & 316 Stainless Steel Trays
304 & 316 Stainless Steel TraysWe can provide both shallow and deep multi-purpose tray solutions in 304 or 316 stainless steel. They feature crevice free construction and a satin finish. Shallow Trays are 10mm deep at a range of dimensions and the Deep Trays are available in a variety of depths from 45mm to 100mm.
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