Lab Ware

30ml - 2500ml SteriWare PharmaScoop PS (White) - BEST SELLER
White, Polystyrene Scoop An international best-seller, the SteriWare Pharmascoop ..
SteriWare Capsule Counting Tray
Disposable Capsule Counting Trays Our range of capsule counting trays can be used straight from the ..
SteriWare Counting Triangle
p>Single Use Tablet Counting Triangles Our Range of cleanroom moulded and packed counting triangles ..
SteriWare Pharma Scoop PP (White)
The world's Number 1 disposable viscous sampler Single Use viscous Sampler ..
SteriWare BLUE Scoops PP
Highly Visible Blue Scoops The SteriWare Blue FoodScoop has become a favourite amongst food manufact..
SteriWare Funnel
SteriWare Funnel The SteriWare Liquid Funnel offers a seamless transfer of liquid between containers..
SteriWare Jugs
SteriWare Jugs Sampling's SteriWare Jugs are designed with stability in mind. They feature a wide ba..
SteriWare Knife
Hygienic Knife, made in a cleanroom The SteriWare Knife is ideal for general laboratory use, includ..
SteriWare Micro-Spatula
Ideal for handling Small Amounts of Powders & Granules Our SteriWare Micro-Spatulas are the perfect..
SteriWare Mixing Bowl
Disposable Bowl Our SteriWare Bowls provide a suitable place for mixing powders and liquids, and is..
SteriWare Mixing Bowl
Large Volume Disposable Bowl This 3 litre Mixing Bowl should be a fixture of any laboratory, and is ..
SteriWare Pallet Knife
SteriWare Pallet Knife The SteriWare Pallet Knife is made from FDA conforming HDPE. Each disposable..
SteriWare Pharma Scoop HDPE
Sterile Scoops Made From HDPE Our HDPE SteriWare PharmaScoops offer extra chemica..
SteriWare Pharma Scoop PS - RED
Sterile Scoops Made From HDPE We use a special food grade red dye in the manufact..
SteriWare Powder Funnel
Disposable Powder Funnel The SteriWare Powder Funnel takes the difficulty out of transferring powder..
SteriWare Scraper
SteriWare Scraper The SteriWare Scraper is available with two blade lengths of 75mm and 110mm. Each ..
SteriWare Tray
SteriWare Tray Our range of high quality Disposable Trays continues to prove popular in hospitals a..
SteriWare Tweezers
SteriWare Tweezers (Forceps) The new SteriWare Tweezers (Forceps) feature a unique dual action that..
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