Powder Samplers

30ml - 2500ml SteriWare PharmaScoop PS (White) - BEST SELLER
White, Polystyrene Scoop An international best-seller, the SteriWare Pharmascoop ..
SteriWare Cupped Powder Spatula
Easy to Use Cupped Spatula made in a cleanroom ..
SteriWare Dosing Spoon
Double Sterile Spoons Available Both Sterile and Non Sterile The Sampling Systems range of double s..
SteriWare Sample Spoons
Sterile Sample Spoons ..
SteriWare Sample Spoons RED
Sterile Sample Spoons ..
Blue SteriWare Powder Spatula
The SteriWare LiquiThief is simple to use and comes with the added advantage that there is no cleani..
SteriWare Powder Spatula
Easy to Use Spatula - made in a cleanroom The SteriWare Powder Spatula comes in a range of sizes and..
SteriWare PowderSafe
Single Use Spatula with a click-on cover The SteriWare PowderSafe boasts the features of our popular..
Disposable Sack sampler
Fast Sampling Through the Sides of Sacks This disposable variant..
SteriWare BLUE Scoops PP
Highly Visible Blue Scoops The SteriWare Blue FoodScoop has become a favourite amongst food manufact..
Sterile Food Spoons
Sterile Sample Spoons ..
SteriWare Micro-Spatula
Ideal for handling Small Amounts of Powders & Granules Our SteriWare Micro-Spatulas are the perfect..
SteriWare Pharma Scoop HDPE
Sterile Scoops Made From HDPE Our HDPE SteriWare PharmaScoops offer extra chemica..
SteriWare Pharma Scoop PS - RED
Sterile Scoops Made From HDPE We use a special food grade red dye in the manufact..
SteriWare Powder Lance
Cross Sectional Sampler. No Cleaning Required The Steriware Powder Lance offers an open blade whi..
SteriWare Powder Sampler
Large Volume Single Use Powder Sampler ..
SteriWare Powder Thief
Best Selling Powder Sampler The Steriware Powder Thief is perfect for retrieving representative sam..
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