Lab & Production Ware

30ml - 2500ml SteriWare PharmaScoop PS (White) - BEST SELLER
White, Polystyrene Scoop An international best-seller, the SteriWare Pharmascoop ..
10L and 20L Storage Containers ..
GMP Pallet Knife
Suitable for GMP use ..
Grab It
Ideal for holding Cloth Swabs ..
Jumbo Sampler Case
Extendable Case for long Samplers ..
Mini Sampler Case
Case for small samplers ..
7ml to 1000ml Screw Top Stainless Steel Containers Our high quality 316L Stainless Steel Mini-Pots ..
Narrow Mouth Bottles
4ml to 15ml Sample Bottles ..
Quick Clip
Quickly Seal Bags ..
Sack Clip
Quickly Seal Sacks ..
Sampler Rack
Safe Storage of Samplers ..
Stainless Containers
1L to 20L High Quality Stainless Containers Our high quality Stainless Containers are ideal for use ..
Standard Sampler Case
Case for standard samplers ..
SteriWare Dosing Spoon
Double Sterile Spoons Available Both Sterile and Non Sterile The Sampling Systems range of double s..
Superior Sampler Case
Case for standard samplers ..
Test Sieves
Sieves for Particle Size Analysis ..
Wide Mouth AMBER Bottles
30ml to 1000ml Sample Bottles ..
Wide Mouth Bottles
30ml to 2000ml Sample Bottles ..
Aluminium Bottles
60ml to 1200ml Aluminium Bottles ..
Bailer 316ss
High Quality Liquid Bailers Our 316L Stainless Steel Bailers are available in volumes of 1, 2 and..
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